Collection: BALADI

Introducing our Baladi Collection – a celebration of the diverse and captivating beauty found in the hidden cities of our magnificent country, Egypt. This collection draws inspiration from five remarkable cities, each representing a unique facet of our rich cultural heritage.

  1. Wahat Bahariya (Black Desert): Nestled in the northwest of Egypt, Wahat Bahariya, also known as the Black Desert, boasts a profound Pharaonic heritage and exudes an enigmatic mysticism. Our designs pay homage to the historical richness and the dark allure of this unique city.

  2. Siwa: Siwa, a breathtaking ancient city built atop a mountain, holds deep significance for its local tribe, the Amazigh. Our collection captures the essence of Siwa's beauty, reflecting the historical charm and timeless elegance of this remarkable city.

  3. St. Katherine: Named after the highest mountain in Egypt, St. Katherine, this city holds a treasure trove of rich religious history spanning across various faiths. Our designs draw inspiration from the spiritual aura surrounding this mountainous region, creating pieces that resonate with a sense of divine beauty.

  4. Fayoum: Fayoum, known for its glorious lake and the intriguing remains of a large whale skeleton in the midst of the desert, is a city that fuses natural wonders with historical intrigue. Our collection reflects the juxtaposition of these elements, creating pieces that embody the beauty of contrasts.

  5. Wadi el Gemal: Wadi el Gemal, a nature reserve with an unparalleled collection of flora and fauna in Egypt, is complemented by the awe-inspiring backdrop of a glorious sunset. Our designs capture the unique biodiversity and the serene ambiance of this reserve, allowing you to carry a piece of its natural splendor with you.

Explore our Baladi Collection, where each piece is a testament to the vibrant and diverse tapestry of Egypt's hidden cities. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Wahat Bahariya, Siwa, St. Katherine, Fayoum, and Wadi el Gemal, and let our pieces evoke the essence of these extraordinary places.