Maison Farah Wali is all about bringing quality, art and beauty into each garment. The aim is to customise and personalise the clothes to our customers in order to showcase the uniqueness of each individual, with an aspiration to bring back the Egyptian heritage back in Fashion and shows throughout th brand's collections, embodying how Fashion Design directly influences our mindset, daily routine and even inspirations. 

We believe that through creating clothes around our customers personalities rather than impose a set direction would result in empowering our customers into being bold, comfortable and expressive. A woman who dresses in Maison Farah Wali is a walking in a canvas of imagination, she is strong - one who loves and respects herself and others. She is walking with confidence, spreading around beauty help others do the same.

Our design aesthetic is derived from a mix between experimental, modern and chic, which would be titled "street couture". We pride ourselves one being a wearable art brand and we ensure that the entire process of our collections would include hand made work. Sustainability is very important to us so we do use recycled fabric and sustainable ink throughout all our prints.