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Farah Wali

Siwa Corset

Siwa Corset

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Elegance in Fitted Shape-Shifting Design

Experience the epitome of elegance with our Siwa Corset. This fitted and shape-shifting masterpiece features 18 panels and an adjustable back for the perfect silhouette. Paying homage to the Amazigh tribe of Siwa, it's adorned with over 300 buttons of mother of pearl at the center, reminiscent of the buttons used in their bridal veils.

Key Features:

  1. Fitted Shape-Shifting Design:

    • The Siwa Corset is a work of art with its fitted and shape-shifting design, ensuring a perfect silhouette.
  2. 18 Panels and Adjustable Back:

    • Crafted with precision, the corset boasts 18 panels and an adjustable back for a personalized fit and shape.
  3. Mother of Pearl Button Adornments:

    • A tribute to the Amazigh tribe of Siwa, over 300 mother of pearl buttons adorn the center of the corset, mirroring the buttons used in their traditional bridal veils.

Bridging Tradition with Modern Elegance:

  • The Siwa Corset seamlessly blends tradition with modern sophistication, offering a unique and timeless piece for any occasion.

Care Instructions:

  • Dry clean only to preserve the intricate details and delicate materials.
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