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Farah Wali

Giraffe Wool Coat

Giraffe Wool Coat

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An essential to your winter wardrobe, our Giraffe Coat – a masterpiece in 100% wool. Immerse yourself in luxurious warmth and style as you embrace the artistry of fashion. With delicate white stitching to accentuate the waist and an enchanting back asymmetrical panel featuring a line art embroidery of a giraffe and a woman's face, this coat is not just outerwear; it's wearable art. Make a statement with every step, exuding sophistication and personality in a coat that seamlessly blends craftsmanship, creativity, and comfort.

Key Features:

  1. Material:

    • Immerse yourself in luxury with our Giraffe Coat, meticulously crafted from 100% wool. This premium material not only offers warmth and comfort but also exudes timeless elegance.
  2. White Stitching on the Waist:

    • Elevate your silhouette with the Giraffe Coat's exquisite detailing. White stitching along the waist accentuates and defines your figure, adding a touch of sophistication to your winter wardrobe.
  3. Back Asymmetrical Panel:

    • Stand out from the crowd with the striking back asymmetrical panel. This unique design element adds a modern twist to the classic coat, creating a dynamic and eye-catching look.
  4. Embroidery of Giraffe and Woman's Face:

    • Immerse yourself in wearable art with the detailed embroidery on the back panel. A captivating combination of a giraffe and a woman's face in line art form adds a touch of whimsy and personality to this exceptional coat.

Versatile Styling:

  • The Giraffe Coat seamlessly transitions from casual to formal occasions. Pair it with your favorite jeans for a chic everyday look or layer it over a dress for a polished ensemble. The possibilities are endless with this versatile piece.

Statement Piece:

  • Make a bold fashion statement with the Giraffe Coat. Stand out in the crowd while staying cozy and stylish during the colder months. This coat is more than just outerwear; it's a wearable piece of art that reflects your individuality.

Artistry and Craftsmanship:

  • Our Giraffe Coat combines artistic expression with exceptional craftsmanship. Each detail, from the white stitching to the intricate embroidery, is thoughtfully designed to create a coat that is not only functional but also a true work of art.

Care Instructions:

  • Dry clean only to preserve the integrity of the wool and embroidery.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
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